Art as an Excuse to Visit

My friend Dave gave me a shout-out on his blog, so now it's my turn- although I have a much smaller audience!

We got the opportunity to visit with Dave and April earlier in the month. April's an amazing artist, and has been working hard to apply to art graduate schools. I mentioned going to her senior show when she graduated. She remembered the pictures I took of her art at that show, and wondered if I'd photograph all of it for her portfolio and new website. Josh and I jumped at the chance to go to Muncie to visit our friends, so our order fulfillment was quick!

The trip, along with being a great visit, was a learning opportunity for me. It's really hard to get a good picture through the glass that most art is mounted behind without glare. Also, getting portfolio-quality pictures without any kind of studio lighting is a challenge. I'm glad April gave me the opportunity to experiment and put up with my silly-sounding requests in an attempt to get the lighting right. I'm still learning!

Also, we got to see Maura, their dog who, last we saw, was a roly-poly puppy. Now she's a gangly mostly-grown husky, and gorgeous! Can't wait to get her and Casey together.

To see many of the pictures I took of April's art, check out april-bey.com

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