It's amazing how quickly things quiet down after Christmas.

The Christmas radio station switched abruptly to its normal programming. The get-togethers ended. I had a year's share of cheese ball dip in the space of a couple days. Wrapping paper still litters our floor.

Next up: New Year's Eve, followed closely by my birthday, then a whole year to wait to do it over again. Or, at least 10 months until tinsel and garland start showing up in stores.

This year's holiday rush was less hectic than in the past, I thought. Maybe we set more boundaries his month, or maybe I'm better at dealing with the back-to-back parties and pitch-ins than I have been in past years. This time around, I felt like I could actually relax and enjoy my time with family. I had a few very leisurely visits with both sides of our family, and even got to worship with my parents twice. All our presents seemed to be a hit. Casey was relatively good. I got to play with my three-year-old nephew for a little while, which is a rare occurrence. The "white Christmas" came a couple days late, and the world outside is now blanketed in snow.

I hope everyone else's weekend was just as wonderful- Now, on to a short work week, and another long holiday weekend!

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