Cucumber Harvest FAIL

The second and third cucumber from the left are the "right" size for harvesting. Lately, most of the cucumbers I have been picking have been the size of the second from the left.

Did you know that cucumbers turn yellow when they get too big? Sure makes them easier to spot in the cucumber patch amidst the green leaves (and weeds)! You'd think I got a great Orlando resort deal and took off on vacation while these monsters appear, but, alas, no, they pop up overnight (or seemingly overnight. I like to think that's why I miss them.)

Anyone want a bunch of overgrown cucumbers?


James Kubecki said...

Wow, what happened with that THIRD cucumber? That does NOT look right AT ALL.

Joanna said...

If you pick them at just the right time, they turn aluminum and sliver and fizzy inside.

The third cucumber is just there for size reference.

James Kubecki said...

I think those ones are also rich in the "B" vitamins.

Stephanie said...

Hmmm we have similar cucumber patches. I picked yesterday, and am pretty sure more went to the chickens and pigs than actually made it into the house.

fullfreezer said...

Hmm, I once saw a recipe for pickled cucumbers that actually called for 'ripe' ones. If I remember they were quite sweet- more like watermelon rind pickles.
I'm envious that you have cucumbers at all. Mine have been mysteriously absent. Oh, they have been blooming but I haven't gotten a single one. sigh

Stacy said...

Haha! Think those are bad? Mine are so overripe that they are bright orange! Yeah...lol! :)

Joanna said...

Stacy- if you have any green ones, want to come over & can pickle spears Saturday? That's my plan, since my refrigerator is currently TOTALLY OVERRUN with cucumbers.


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