Thinking about hospitality...

Over the last week, on two occasions, I've had dinner guests over with less than 48 hours notice- and I love it! I'm posting about Hospitality over at Homemakers Who Work today, come over and check it out! I also made a mention of our Fourth of July cookout (which was one of the thrown-together dinners) on my food blog.

I really feel strongly about hospitality more and more- not about having the pearl necklace and cute apron to greet guests and serve hors d'oeuvres, but the significance of inviting people into my home and making them feel relaxed and welcomed and loved. Here's hoping I accomplish at least one of those!


Matt said...

The other side of that coin is that hospitality is the most convenient and personally suitable context for community. I have realized lately that I'm very willing to have a neighbor over to my house, to eat my food and maybe play one of my card games. But I'm not so keen on the idea of going to their house, eating their fod, listening to their music, and talking about their favorite sport.

If I want to build interdependence with my friends and neighbors, there's something to be said for being willing to go to them, too. (And maybe even invite myself over, if that's what it takes.)

Joanna said...

Matt, you're totally correct- giving AND receiving hospitality is part of building community. It's been ingrained in me NOT to invite myself over, so, when my friend won't offer up their house, I offer mine, and hope I make them feel comfortable enough that the gesture is returned sometime.


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