Meet & Greet: My Family

Mostly because of proximity, I post lots more pictures of Josh's family on here. There's a whole bunch of them that live just half an hour from us, and the rest live about 6 hours away. My extended family, on the other hand, all live 10-14 hours away, so we see them much less frequently.

The occasion to see almost all of my mom's side of the family came up when we went to visit Georgia for my granddad's 80th birthday. Let me introduce you! Also, see my grandparents' awesome house (well, mostly the awesome porch.)

My cousins with my grandparents:

My grandparents and their kids:

This photo warms my heart, since this is the first time in my memory I've seen all of them together. Yay!

My grandparents, their kids and spouses:

My grandparents, Josh & I:

I really prefer to be behind the camera...

Furry members of the family: My aunt & uncle's dogs who traveled with them from Texas, with their "papa":

See the rest of the pictures of the trip here! Check out the pictures of the Big Reveal of the 80th birthday gift! Was it certified diamonds? a new car? a cruise? You'll have to see the album to find out!

Also, check out The Natural Mommy's Meet & Greet Monday! Potentially the last version featuring only 2 kids!


Margaret said...

where in Georgia?

Joanna said...

Margaret - This trip was to Statesboro, GA, but I also have family in Atlanta & Columbus


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