Swagbucks update

So, I posted a week ago about signing up with Swagbucks... just a week later, I am 75% of the way to having enough points for an Amazon gift card! I am amazed how quickly the points add up- and I haven't been doing anything differently than my usual searches, except using a different search engine.

Adding Swagbucks as my Chrome default search engine is the primary reason this has worked for me- I've been able to search quickly without going to another special web page. A similar thing can be done in Firefox. I you can't figure out how to add the search engine to your browser's search bar, there's a Swagbucks toolbar- but I'm paranoid about installing anything extra, so I've avoided that for now.

I do have to say, I checked out the list of prizes, and the ONLY thing I'd want is a gift card. Everything else is really random- band posters, Star Wars toys, comic books, slot cars, POGS?! Do kids even play with POGS anymore?! Honestly, it looks like a collector trying to empty out his basement. Except for thr gift cards. I can get just about anything I want on Amazon- I'm excited about that!

Search & Win

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Sarah said...

Told ya! I'm using my points to get a Barnes & Noble gift card so I can buy the new Sookie Stackhouse book :D


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