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  • Ashley did a great pair of posts (here and here) on her weight loss journey, pre-pregnancy. Did she find the best weight loss supplements? Nope, just good old fashioned exercise and healthy eating! This is a goal of mine for the summer- I don't necessarily have a number of pounds I want to lose, exactly, but I do want to make exercise and healthy eating a more-regular part of my routine.
  • Beth did an in-depth series on cloth diapering (What's Cheapest? What's Best? How To). Amazingly enough, I know an equal number of people that use cloth diapers as disposable. The cloth diapers definitely win in the CUTE category!
  • I'm super-excited that my friend Larissa (one of my very few childless-and-not-expecting friends!) and her husband are visiting us for the weekend! Because I thought it'd be fun, I'm trying to plan a mostly-local menu for the weekend. I'll post the results of the experiment on my food blog. I don't have enough growing in the yard to make it a REALLY easy task, but I hope it will be fun and eye-opening.
  • Speaking of eating locally, I just finished Animal Vegetable Miracle and loved it. Expect a review shortly. It has totally motivated me.
  • Tonight, I'm going to Muncie to surprise a friend at her senior art show. Don't tell! Now, if I can figure out where on the BSU campus to park and manage to not get a ticket...


Heather said...

Good luck with that last part! I can't even begin to count how many tickets I've gotten at Ball State over the years.

Joanna said...

Well, because I was a non-Ball State student dating my future husband who was a Ball State student... I can't count how many tickets I've gotten there, either! The very first time I visited campus, my car got towed, so I'm a bit paranoid.

Glad I'm not alone!

Heather said...

Definitely not alone. They are huge sticklers about parking. My hubby and I have each had a car towed at one time or another.

yanigisawa said...

I had my car towed from a church parking lot that was next to my dorm. All parking lots are sacred ground in Muncie.

Have they fixed the roads yet? They were always notoriously riddled with potholes while I was attending.

Joanna said...

I know exactly what church you are talking about- I actually SUCCESSFULLY left my car in the parking lot there overnight when staying with a friend in her dorm next to it. The roads weren't as bad as I remember them, but, yes, Muncie has the worst potholes (or, is just really really bad at fixing them?)


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