Meet & Greet Monday: Friends & Projects

This weekend was a big Blogging Milestone weekend for me. Not only did I have my 5th blogiversary (which, apparently, is actually a word since the first 2 commenters used it, unprompted), I had my 100,000th page view since I started keeping track, I had my first guest post, and I met blogging friends in real life. Since the latter is the only one that happened in meatspace (another actual word; it's even in the dictionary), it's the only I have pictures of. I'd like to introduce my new friends to you!

Bargain Briana planned the get-together at a McAlisters on the northside on Indy, not too far from where I work. I got there promptly at 7, and knew everyone else was coming from further away, so wasn't too surprised when I didn't see any other ladies alone with their laptops in the restaurant. By 7:30, though, I was getting worried. Finally, I found Briana and Sarah of Redefining Perfect sitting outside on the patio. Having been inside for half an hour, I felt pretty silly. Once we sat down and started chatting, (then moved inside to avoid missing anyone else), it was delightful! Not much later, The Queen of Free joined the party- and boy, did we party! By the time we finally all headed home, McAlisters had been closed for half an hour, and I think the kids working were glad we finally left!

Meet Bargain Briana

Meet Sarah

Meet The Queen of Free

While I was out with the girls, what was Josh doing at home? More than I could imagine. I returned home to this:

A half-replaced floor in the bathroom. He only stopped because he ran out of tile. Sunday, the project was finished:

Yes, we have a stepstool for the sink, even though we don't have kids. It was obtained off Freecycle, and gets used at least weekly, so I can justify having it. It also happen to match the new paint, but that wasn't planned, just bonus.

But, can Josh just stop at one house project for the weekend? No! In addition to installing the tile floor, he painted the back door, which is fairly new and up to this point has only been painted with primer.

Lest you think we spent all weekend inside- the weather was gorgeous, and Friday afternoon & evening was spent outside. I was excited to get my broccoli seedlings in the ground- hopefully they continue to do well!

This is one of my most rambly posts ever. I better stop. I think those door-paint fumes are getting to me. Go check out The Natural Mommy for more Meet & Greet Monday excitement.


Kacie said...

Sounds really fun! I wonder if any Pittsburgh pf bloggers would want to meet up with me sometime. idk who might even be in the area.

I love the tile in that bathroom! Way to go, Josh!

Bargain Briana said...

Kacie - You should try just asking around twitter! :)

I had a blast! So sorry we left you sitting inside for so long! I feel HORRIBLE about it! You shouldn't feel silly at all...I think you are just so cute you blended right in with the volleyball players when they were walking in!


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