Blue Bathroom

Blue Laundry Room

There's now a "Yellow Hallway/Pantry area" but yellow doesn't photograph well, and neither do hallways, so those pictures were boring and I didn't upload them.

Exciting, no?

The bright-ish colors make me remember summer is on the way! Don't they make you want to pull out the pool supplies, sunglasses, and beach balls? Well, maybe not, but it definitely brightens up a couple un-exciting rooms!

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ashley @ twentysixcats said...

The blue is cute! I approve.

I also like your spice rack! That's an awesome idea. (I'm commenting here so I don't accidentally enter the giveaway and take a prize from someone who wants it more than me.) I have all my extra spices in a drawer, but they are neatly lined up with the labels facing forward... and, well, I don't cook much so I guess it doesn't really matter. ;-)

I've also seen people use old metal trays for spices, if one doesn't have as many as you do. ;-) A good idea if you're renting or need an otherwise portable spice rack.


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