Project Weekend

Spring must be coming, followed quickly by summer, because the weekends are fast filling up with events, weddings, trips, and projects. Last weekends was a project weekend, in which lots was done, but I wanted to wait until everything was done before posting pictures. We'll see. Until then, here's a list:

  • Painted the hallway behind the kitchen the same color as the kitchen (yellow). The pantry's back there, so I like to pretend it's part of the kitchen. It's not, really.
  • Painted the 2nd bath blue. It's cute, I like it.
  • Painted the laundry room/mud room blue. Again, very cute. I like the contrast with the white trim and closets. The stenciling hasn't been done away with- yet.
  • Laid out the garden. I've had a plan on paper for a while, but I finally went out on Saturday (basically, to be outside and keep the dog out of Josh's way while he painted) armed with measuring tape and twine, and marked out rows. And, because I was getting really impatient to start planting, with all the nice weather, I directly-seeded some lettuce seeds and some herbs. 
  • Started making a magnetic spice rack. This is the project I'm most excited about, and will get its very own post when the project is done, which may be early next week.

By the way, all our vehicles are all home safe and sound. Here's hoping they stay that way.

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