Meet & Greet Monday: Jenny & Andy

The official excuse we had for this Hawaii vacation I keep talking about was a family wedding. Josh's cousin had a destination wedding planned on the Big Island. He had been stationed on Oahu while in the military, and still has friends out there. Some family and friends flew out to celebrate with the couple, and it was a lovely, relaxed ceremony. The "reception" was actually a luau everyone attended together.

Because we got there early (as always), I helped put together platters of munchies:

I like to pretend to be Martha Stewart every now & then.

Jenny's son & daughter were the only other participants in the wedding, besides the couple and Josh's uncle as the pastor.

The wedding was poolside, with a beautiful backdrop of flowers:

Being poolside, the guys inevitably ended up IN the pool. Luckily the bride was amused.

Cheesecake was for dessert, and the whole (new) family quickly partook

After the festivities, everyone went to a luau in the evening, where there was a hula show, complete with fire dancers!
We were there!

See all the wedding pictures!

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Lisa said...

This looks *extremely* identical to the luau we attended in 2005. Wonder if it was actually the same location?

Joanna said...

Lisa- The luau was on the beach in Kona- it was open to the public, it wasn't a private reception. It's possible you guys went to the same one.


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