Quiet Week

I'm such a super-slacker. I haven't blogged since Monday. I apologize.

What's been going on?

Not much. Seriously.

Bible study was at our house Monday, and I helped watch the kids.

Josh had a piano lesson Tuesday, and I went along then we went out for a late dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. We don't go there very often, but I snagged a Restaurant.com gift certificate, & it made it worth it. Here's what I did:

  • I found a Restaurant.com code, MENU, good through Mar 15 for 80% off the gift certificates.
  • I logged into CashBaq and clicked on the Restaurant.com link
  • I selected a "$10 off $20" gift certificate to Ted's Montana Grill (normally $3) for 60 cents
  • I selected a "$25 off $35" gift certificate to Mudsocks Grill (Another favorite!) normally priced at $10 for $2, thanks to the coupon code.
  • Because I went through CashBaq, I'll get 25%, or 65 cents, back.
  • Total: $1.95 for $35 worth of coupons, for places we would eat out anyway.

Wednesday, I fixed Breakfast For Dinner, and used the last of the free-range eggs in the fridge from our wonderful friends. I marveled and their bright orange color. After dinner, I knit while watching Changeling This was my first knitting in ages, and I was glad to be back at it.

Last night we spent having dinner & visiting with my parents.

See? It's been a quiet week, and this weekend looks like it will be quiet, too. I'll keep ya posted if anything exciting happens!


Alisse Goldsmith said...
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Alisse Goldsmith said...

Matt and I bought free-range eggs a couple months ago and I thought something was wrong with them because they were orange. I threw out two before I googled the color weirdness :)

yanigisawa said...

Josh must not mind you going with him to his lesson. I used to get super nervous and embarrassed when even my mother would accompany me into my lessons with my piano teacher. However, that's probably because of my over developed sense of requiring perfection in my technique.

Even still, what level piano player is he? Is he still playing etudes, scales, etc.? (i.e. the boring stuff) Maybe it's more interesting if he's moved on to playing "fun" music. ;)


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