Weather Confession

Although our office has an entire wall of windows, I more often realize changes in the weather by first seeing that my Gmail theme has changed or seeing a local friend mention something on Twitter, then looking outside.

Just now, a coworker twittered about it snowing heavily outside, and only then did I realize it was snowing at all. I think an inch or two is forecast for today. Brr.

I'm sure, in hotels las vegas to Orlando, people aren't having this problem, seeing that they'd be warmer...


Kiel said...

Ha ha! I do that all the time!

Joanna said...

Welp, good to know it's not just me :-P

Anonymous said...

haha,i'm the exact same way. if it werent for those little cartoon drawings around the google thing on my homepage, i'd never know it was veterans day or presidents day or one of those that doesn't come equipped with a macy's 16 hour sale or something.


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