A Christmas Centerpiece, Year 2

Last year, I attempted to make a Christmas-season centerpiece with things around the house (mostly) and was happy with the result. Tonight, I decided to throw something together, too, and am happy with the results! Here's a play-by-play:

Here, we have a not-particularly-Christmasy bowl.

Add a few clipping from the evergreen bush outside:

Add a few more clipping, this time from the tiny holly bush, currently full of berries:

Finish the bowl off with some ornaments (NOT ant-infested) that didn't make it on the tree:

Voila! Centerpiece for the kitchen! Easier than last years & hopefully less messy!

Seasonal AND Free!


Matt said...

All it needs now is a pineapple.

Very nice!

Stephanie said...

very pretty!

SimplyForties said...

What a pretty centerpiece!

RecycleCindy said...

That is a very pretty centerpiece and I'm sure it smells very nice too. Merry Christmas!


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