My Floor-cleaning routine

During the holidays we had guest in and out of the house on a regular basis- which I love. Entertaining is a newfound love these last couple years. Unfortunately, we also had a LOT of rain, and a dog who is less careful about wiping his feet when he comes in the door. I was appalled at the amount of mud tracked across my wood flooring!

Enter the Swiffer. My floor cleaning routine is this: Sweep with a broom to get loose dust, dirt and leaves (and bunches of strings pulled from the aforementioned dog's rope toys). Use a dry Swiffer pad to get more dust, dirt, and dog hair. Always. Lots of dog hair. Then use a wet Swiffer pad to shine the floors and get the stuck-on mud up.

This would be a fairly expensive routine, wasting all those Swiffer pads, except for my discovery: You can wash the dry Swiffer pads. They don't have to be disposable! I reuse mine many, many times, and a box of the cloths lasts a very long time. The wet ones do need to be thrown out after use, but I'm glad to find them at Costco!

* This topic is at the front of my mind right now as I went through this whole process very thoroughly TWICE this weekend, and will again twice this week, while normally I only clean the floors thoroughly once a week.


Andrea Moberly said...

Another way to save money with the swiffer is to knit or crochet pads that fit it! You can use cotton and throw them on your swiffer for wet or dry cleaning and toss them in the wash when you're done. There's even patterns out there on the internet somewhere. If you're interested I'll look them up again!

Joanna said...

Andrea- I've seen patterns and wanted to make these (and just got some cotton for Christmas!) but haven't been knitting as much lately. I know exactly what you're talking about & think they're really cool!


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