My Favorite Christmas Song

While most Christmas hymns/carols/songs are either slow and contemplative or totally secular, I've always loved this one. I mean, I love the contemplative moments of the Christmas season, but this one, when it's played with energy, makes me feel like I'm actually celebrating something- and that's the point of Christmas, isn't it? To celebrate the incarnation- the coming-into-flesh - of God? To shout from the rooftops, or mountaintops, or sky, as the angels did, of the miracle and great grace that was bestowed on the earth when the God Of The Universe came down and moved into the neighborhood?

Go Tell It On The Mountain
Go, tell it on the mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere
Go, tell it on the mountain,
That Jesus Christ is born.

While shepherds kept their watching
Over silent flocks by night
Behold throughout the heavens
There shone a holy light.


The shepherds feared and trembled,
When lo! above the earth,
Rang out the angels chorus
That hailed the Savior’s birth.


Down in a lowly manger
The humble Christ was born
And God sent us salvation
That bless├Ęd Christmas morn.

Sadly enough, the only time I've heard this song this season has been when I've been singing it. I didn't know it was particularly obscure- but it's not on the radio loop, and hasn't been part of the carols at church. I'm bummed, but no less celebratory.


Alisse Goldsmith said...

We sang this song at christmas eve mass this year and I thought of you :)

Daniel & Teresa said...

We just sang this in church yesterday (in Spanish, however). :)


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