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I've mentioned Just Wallpaper before... Now Google's getting in on the action.

Do you use the iGoogle page? If not, you should, especially if you haven't jumped on the larger RSS Reader bandwagon. Seriously, check it out.

iGoogle is now offering themes related to different causes & organizations. Deck out your page with the (ONE) Campaig or the Red Cross, or the World Wildlife Fund.

These wallpapers & themes may seem silly- I mean, what difference are they making? They're not raising any money for anything, because they're free. They're not teaching people anything in a broad sense. No one's life is being saved. Here's where I think they're valuable: Many of us spend ALL DAY in front of a computer screen. What we see affects our thoughts. By putting Invisible Children or World Hunger in front of me all day, I become aware of the issue, curious about it, and care more. A coworker or guest may ask me about it. I can talk (and blog!) about it. In the case of the iGoogle theme, it offers a link to donate to the theme's cause.

Give it a try. Maybe, together, we can create a Just Christmas.


Matt said...

Ah, this is a tough issue for me to get my head around. I used to call myself a skeptic, then a cynic, and now I prefer the much less offensive term "realist". But still, they're all just different words for someone who isn't hopeful.

In purely pragmatic terms, setting an iGoogle theme but never clicking the "donate" link does your cause no good at all, monetarily. In fact, by visiting some cause's site and downloading their desktop, you may have even cost them a fraction of a cent. Also, I've never, ever had an employee ask me about my desktop wallpaper. (And believe me, I've had some highly questionable ones.) That just doesn't happen.

But, the believer in me has to combat that hopeless thinking with Phillipians 4, where Paul urges his brothers to set their minds on whatever is good, noble, pure, etc. Just after that, he says "I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at last you have renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you have been concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it."

Renewing our minds and putting our concern into practice are two separate things, and step one is justified by step two. If we are concerned, as a lifestyle, then concern will turn into fruit as opportunities allow. So, good for you. I'm glad to work in a place where concern is on display, even if it doesn't have easily measurable yields.

Curtis Honeycutt said...


Muchas gracias for the shout out! I've been getting a lot of comments lately about people's co-workers commenting on the wallpapers from Just Wallpaper. I think they're doing a pretty good job of raising awareness of social justice issues.


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