I Don't Like Shopping

Speaking of crazy retail franchises... Is anyone going shopping Friday?

I hate it- the crowds, the lines, the rampant consumerism. I mean, all of that happens all season, but Friday-before-10am is the worst. I don't like lines, I don't like crowds. I know I don't need stuff... and yet it only makes sense- if I'm going to buy a certain gift or a certain consumer electronic anyway, something I've been saving for, doesn't it make sense to get it in those few hours where it's $100 cheaper than it would be otherwise?

I'm not sure, because the craziness almost outweighs the $100 off. Seriously. Not fun for me at all.

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Stephanie said...

I actually enjoy Black Friday. Crowds usually aren't my thing either, but maybe Black Friday is fun b/c I actually get to go alone! :)


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