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Aw, aren't they cute?

Let me tell you, I'm SO excited for my friends who got married this weekend. If you haven't yet, go wish them congratulations. They'll see it when they get back from their trip to Aruba.

I got to see lots of other friends too, including but not limited to:


You ought to go over to her blog and tell HER congratulations, albeit for a different life event.


Olivia must have remembered me from when we helped them move to their new place, because the whole time we were visiting, I would try to go sit with the "grown-ups", and she promptly grabbed my fingers and dragged me back to play with her. Every. Time. Don't think I'm complaining though.

Ashley and Tree

It was so neat to be able to hang out with these two ladies at the same time. They're two of my favorite people. Here, we all look like deer caught headlights, on school picture day. Gotta love the background.


We got to spend a good amount of time talking to Ashley & Paul, since they stayed at our house Friday night & made the road trip with us. He's got the fastest Sidekick this side of the Mississippi.


Tree and Dan's boy is growing up so much! I was so impressed with his baby signs, and his social nature. I first met him less than 4 months ago, and he's gone from Baby to Almost Toddler in that time!

After the wedding festivities, we headed to Chicago Sunday to have lunch with Caroline & her Josh, then took her on a Target run. Didn't have my camera handy, but was fascinated by the escalators made for shopping carts. Wow.

I saw plenty of others, too- check out the rest of the album!
matt and alisse

I'll leave you with the profound thoughts in front of the church where the wedding was:
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Alisse Goldsmith said...

Joanna, those are fantastic photos! Thanks for taking them! There were a couple that were terribly cute that Matt and I might like to borrow :)


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