Five years ago

Five years ago today, my very first boyfriend asked me to be his girl. Seems like a silly thing to commemorate, except for the fact he was also my last boyfriend ever- and now my husband. The last five years getting to know him and growing together have been the best ever.

Here's one of the first pictures taken of us, after we had been dating about 4 months:

A mutual friend of ours thought we HAD to get together, and took us putt-putting at the end of June, 2003. Josh asked me out on a date that night, and we hung out in his hometown or mine all the next week. On that first date, we went to Mongolian Barbeque, and then, in my typical geeky fashion, ended up at Best Buy. Our mutual friend laughed at us, but said it showed how perfect we were for each other. Josh "asked me out" late on a Friday night, while we were sitting in my parents' living room, watching a lightning storm. Little did I know we'd watch lots more lightning storms together.


Kacie said...

Yay! Happy anniversary! :)

Stephanie said...

how sweet!

Ariel said...

Yea for you!! And you're not the only one that commemorates such events. We do the same with the first date, first kiss, first I love you... =) Congrats to five years together!!

Larissa said...

I remember how excited you were when you told me about Josh. :) Happy Anniversary!


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