Festivities on the Fourth

Here's a few images from my fourth of July festivities...

Picking Lilies in the rain

Chickens with hours to live

A sunbathing cat

A nephew on the radio

Another nephew dancing in the street

Homeland Security dollars hard at work (a tank for a mostly-rural county)

A lemur in the parade

The nephews' preschool's float

The local Democratic Party's float

An ant made of trash bags

Dogs in the parade*

* Casey didn't join us for the parade because bikes and scooters and motorcycles freak him out. He can be perfectly calm and collected... and then become a barking frantic mess when a bike goes by. Having him trying to attack the boy scouts pedaling in the parade wasn't my idea of a good time.

Josh's cousin & his wife, on the fourth of July committee

The real excitement of the weekend came Sunday, though. More on that later.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Pics! Thanks for taking them.


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