Early potatoes

Casey knocked over one of the potato plants about a week ago, and, after seeing the red potatoes at the market, I'd been itching to dig the knocked-over plant up. Here's what I found.

They promptly turned into hashbrowns to eat with our biscuits & gravy. They were delicious.


Colleen said...

YAY! I'm so excited that I've had a few roma tomatoes to pick off our two plants already.

You left a comment on my blog about Lake Delton - apparently there are already plans to refill the lake by spring! Can't imagine life w/o it!

Mommy Always Wins

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad the plant got knocked over...there's nothing like fresh garden vegetables..they always taste better. happy WW

Qtpies7 said...

They look yummy! I wish we had room for a garden. And that if I did have one, the kids wouldn't destroy it.

Allison Says said...

Oh how great! I bet they were delicious!

I've been thinking about planting potatoes but thought it would be hassle. Is it difficult? (I haven't done any research yet...this was just a thought that crossed my mind when I thought about what I want to plant throughout next year when I finally have a yard!)

Happy WW :)

The Right Blue said...

We grow quite a few kinds of vegetables, but we've never tried potatoes. Maybe we should. Those in your photos look really nice.

Happy WW.


Daniel & Teresa said...

Those are some great looking potatoes!


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