Oregon Trail: Bloggy edition

Ashley put together a wagon for Oregon Trail from her blogging friends, and I thought I'd do the same!

Oregon Trail was THE game to play in fourth grade during recess- well, for those of us that were geeky at a young age and weren't that good at four-square or tetherball. The journey taught you resource-management and provided challenges like hunting buffalo and fording rivers. Really exciting stuff. And the coolest part- you could give your fellow travel companions names! There was always a risk of naming the characters after your friends or family, since they would inevitably get bitten by a snake or get dysentery and die.

I'm concerned with getting the best team possible on my wagon!

Here's my wagon:
  • Beth Z - Her kids can provide entertainment value while she holds the whole crew together. Also, if any of the "general stores" happen to be CVS or Walgreens, we'll need her couponing skills.
  • Melissa- On a trip like this, we'll need another engineer along.
  • Tree - She's lived in a third-world country for the last few years- she knows how to deal without running water for a while. The skills she's gained in the DR will probably translate to the mid-1800's West, right?
  • Kristen - I trust she'll be able to counsel the Indians not to attack us. Besides, with 5 girls cooped up in a wagon, we'll need a voice of reason!
Casey would obviously join me, too. to keep the oxen in line and ward off the rattlesnakes. Mostly, he'd probably chase tumbleweed. I don't imagine a cat would like the trip very much- a covered wagon isn't exactly a cat condo- but I trust my dog would be perfectly fitted for the adventure.

I'd invite one or more of the many Matt's that read this blog, but Matt is busy keeping the General Store in Independence, MO, so he won't be joining us.

As Ashley pointed out, a wagon train is safer than a lone wagon, so wanna circle up our wagons and join the trip to Oregon? Who would you take along?

Wanna play the computer game yourself, and name your own wagon crew? Try it here, Apple IIe style.


Daniel and Teresa said...

Oh.... that sounds like fun! When do we leave? :)

Daniel and Teresa said...

I can bring along some Dominican goat and cook us up some "chivo guisado." And we can't forget the beans!

Anonymous said...

I actually live in Independence, MO, so when we played this growing up, we thought it was made just for us! We actually have a huge 3 Trails fest over Labor Day weekend. Of course, it's more craft-tent-and-public-drunkenness than historical, but fun just the same!

beth@thenaturalmommy said...

Beth "holds the whole crew together"?! :-) Mmmm hmmm. Veerrrrrry likely.

Or perhaps a bit more like this: Beth washes and hangs the laundry, then lets it sit in the wagon for a week unfolded.

And Beth makes the dinner, but can't start until someone else washes the dishes from last night.

Or, the whole crew is delayed one hour so Beth can finish her "instant message" conversation with her Indian friends via smoke signals.

Amy said...

So. Many. Flashbacks. I loved that game and would have played it for days if my teachers had let me. Punny Money did a hilarious festival one year using Oregon Trail that my husband and I still talk about.

Thanks for the memories!

Kristen said...

So, at first I was excited to see you referring to the game I LOVED to play at school. And then I noticed that I was on your crew- and I couldn't stop laughing. It's nice to see that my psych degree will actually be put to good use.

Tree- yay for guisado!

Beth- sounds like having your along will be fun and interesting, even if you do talk too much to the Indians.


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