You Never Know What to Expect

I promise, we don't live as far out in the middle of nowhere as this is going to sound. We do live fairly solidly in the suburbs.

While working on the computer earlier today, I looked out the window of the office and saw an odd looking car. Wait- that's a Model T! Oh how cool, I thought, someone's taking it out for a weekend drive on this beautiful day.

After I got over my shock, I grabbed the camera sitting next to me to snap a picture of the slow-moving car, but the bushes got in the way and I missed my opportunity. Or did I?

Then, to my amazement, the Model T was followed by an old red tractor.

And another one.

And another one.

And another one, pulling a cart.

And a yellow one.

And another red one.

And a green one.

And a guy not lucky enough to drive one of the tractors.

Um. A parade went by our house, I think. Or people on the way to a parade. It was all very, very random. VERY VERY random.

On that note, I'd like to wish my dad a happy birthday today! We celebrate tonight at a Mexican restaurant, kicking off 8 days of family celebrations, mostly related to my sister's wedding, with our 2nd anniversary thrown in there as well. It's a week to party!

And, as I was about to click Publish, 4 red tractors went by again, going to other direction. So. Weird.


Beckie said...

The last picture, that would be a guy driving a Tote Goat. I know this because I do live that far out in the boonies. And I have driven one at a cousins house when I was in jr high school. A long time ago.

I love random parades. They are the most interesting.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I love the cart thing, of all the people just sitting there like they're on a sightseeing trip. :-)

Matt Wissman said...

Weird. Some of those tractor we still use on my farm (the model 'M').

I like old tractors, especially the red variety (Farmall).


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