thoughts on couponing

Lately, I've been cutting coupons. So, now, I have a huge envelope of coupons, but am still at a loss. Has anyone played the coupon game? How do I do it? What do I do with all the cereal coupons, when we don't eat that much cereal? or the pre-packaged snacks when I don't snack? Are any of these useful? Back in December, I bought an Entertainment Book full of all sorts of coupons haircut coupons, Gamefly coupons, golf coupons, movie-ticket coupons- and we've used it some, but not as much as would make me think it was worth it. How to you remind yourself to check it for savings before going out? Should we keep it in the car? or plan our outings based on what we have coupons for? What has worked for you?


Matt said...

I bought the Entertainment Book for a few years, but I never stuck with it the whole year. I'm pretty sure I got my $20 or $15 out of it before giving up, but the savings were always either for cheap places that I didn't go to or expensive places that even with the discount would be more than I want to spend.

I did not buy one for this year.

Ariel L said...

I know some great 'coupon' sites. I'll get them together and pass them on!

Anonymous said...

We leave the Zoo Book (similar to entertainment book) in our car as we almost always use it when we go out to eat.

Regarding the coupons, make sure to use an organizer to seperate them by what they are. I will sometimes leave a coupon in the store next to what it is for if it is close to expiring and I am not going to use it.


Kacie said...

For the Entertainment Book, we plan where we eat based on what coupons are available (AND if it's a good deal, of course).

We've looked over some of the museum coupons and plan to use those as well. We've just gotta put it on the calendar or something and say "yep, we're going to use that on that day."

As far as the grocery coupons go, they can quickly become overwhelming.

If you use Couponmom.com or The Grocery Game, they advise you NOT to clip coupons until they've matched them with a deal. That way, you can find them quicker.

If you can organize them by category, that might help you. In my file, "cereal" would go under "non-perhishables" for example.

I've been going to Aldi so much lately that I haven't needed my food coupons.

I pretty much just use coupons for toiletries and household items, you know, the stuff that goes on special at one of the drug stores.

Be sure you have a system that works for you. Otherwise, you won't be motivated to use them.


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