Spring Cleaning

This is me, ready to clean, with my trusty dog by my side, ready to help get in the way! It's Spring, after all!

This is my kitchen:

That's embarrassing. Here's the "After" picture. I can see I missed an envelope of coupons & a plastic bag, bot still on the counter.

I did change out the pile-of-random-stuff for a prettier Spring centerpiece on my "island".

I even had time to make cookie dough for cookies for that tin! Hopefully I'll get the dough made into Easter cookies tonight.

My kitchen table had become a dumping ground for mail & other stuff over the last few weeks. It was severely annoying me.


I cleaned the living room too, but didn't upload the "After" picture, so it's not very exciting. I did change out Fall flowers fro Spring:

I'm trying.


Kacie said...

It looks really good! You should be proud of yourself :)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks just great! You did a wonderful job. I love the pretty spring flowers and the pretty table linens. Mom

Matt said...

Good work! Only, I'm not sure the tin and tablecloth thing make the island look very islandy. I would have gone with something more like this...

Joanna said...

Matt- while Settlers of Catan does scream 'island' more than a sunflower napkin does, I'd be afraid I'd spill soup on it. And it doesn't store cookies as well as the tin dows.

Lisa said...

Hooray! Now have you been doing any spring cleaning OUTSIDE yet? I was doing some yesterday and noticed the first crocuses blooming.


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