New Favorite Game

of Casey's, that is.

Josh was cleaning out one of our cars, and came in with a whole box of stuff that needed to go into the house, and as I was going through it, I found a can of tennis balls. Not sure how they ended up in the car, but I'd take them!

I handed a ball to Casey, and now he is rarely without it. If we're not around to throw it, he'll sometimes throw it for himself, then chase it. It's great to watch.

So, while sitting in the living room, this is now typically what I see:

Shortly followed by this:

And, here, is he resting? A rare moment of quiet and peace without his ball?

No, don't be confused. This is him just waiting for someone with longer arms and opposable thumbs to retrieve his ball from under the couch.

Today we take Casey for a "consultation" before obedience classes start on Tuesday. I think I'm going to make him leave his tennis ball at home.


Becca said...

Samuel (Australian Cattle Dog cross) loves chasing a ball. When he was a puppy, he would throw the ball in the air for himself (like Casey). Must be an Australian thing, eh?

Melissa said...

You should make him one of these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PcL6-mjRNk

Hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are in for it now :)
Jaz and Al love their balls. They always get new ones for Christmas and then again throughout the year as needed. They have to have ones with squeakers and it drives us nuts when we are trying to have down time to watch a movie. We will end up hiding them, but then they smell them out (even up high) and bark frantically until we get them down. When a ball dies we must sneak it out of the house and they are very sad without it.


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