The Post Where I Admit What a Huge Nerd I Am

I have 'engineer' in my job title. Does that make me valuable?

Did you know? A new study shows that Indiana switching to Daylight Savings Time actually wasted more energy rather than the purported savings. Go figure. Stupid Daylight Savings Time. I'd rather go back to not ever changing our clocks. It was just easier that way.

The above comic & facts have nothing to do with this post except that they are also nerdy.

I mentioned in passing yesterday we're going on a vacation at the end of this week. We're very excited to get away and take a break together.We may be crazy, though- we're going north in this awful-cold winter. The end destination of the road trip is Minneapolis, with a stop in Chicago on the way there. Why on earth, you may wonder, would we make this frigid trek?

Well, first off, we like road trips. No hassling with cheap flights and security lines for us! We spend quality time together in the car, as well as learn more about the country & local culture along the way. So fun.

The reason for our destinations, however, is the nerdy part. You see, one of our favorite weekend activities is listening to a few NPR shows- namely, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Car Talk, and Prairie Home Companion. We roar with laughter at the current-events commentary on Wait Wait, learn some practical tips on Car Talk, and when Josh isn't home I dance around while doing housework to the toe-tapping music on Prairie Home Companion. Yipes. Did I just admit that on the Internet?

Car Talk, to my knowledge, isn't recorded in front of an audience (and, isn't exactly on our way) but we have tickets to see other other two on our trip. Wait Wait is recorded Thursday night in downtown Chicago, and we're going to the non-recorded show of Prairie Home Companion Friday night in St Paul, and spending Saturday in Minneapolis to see what there is to see. Anyone know what there is to see in Minneapolis?

So, who goes on a road trip to see the live recording of radio shows? The Huge Nerd that is me. There. I said it. And I can't wait. I'll bring back pictures, I promise.

Oh! And Thursday morning we're going to see a friend in Muncie & drop off Casey at her kennel. I'm excited about that, too- to see my friend & her new place.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

I LOVE NPR. We used to listen to PHC on the way to church every Sunday. On the way home we'd catch CT and WWDTM. Sadly, we don't get those shows now that we've moved.

Joanna said...

You don't? I thought there was an NPR station out of Purdue. PHC was broadcast at Purdue in 2006. This summer, PHC is coming to the Indiana State Fair! Because we already planned this trip, though, we probably won't go when it's here.

Becca said...

I want to be a nerd like you! The trip sounds great and what an awesome experience to share seeing a live production of PHC. The Mall of America is in Minneapolis, I think. I've been there once...but it was a LOT of mall-walking. I was there this time of year several years ago. Didn't thaw out until several years later...sooooo cold for this Louisiana girl!

Hope you have fun!!

Larissa said...

I love NPR too, but that just might prove your nerdy comments to be true, seeing as I am quite the nerd myself. This American Life is my favorite. I think we've might have had this discussion over your blog before. :)

Marie said...

Never has Daylight Savings Time made sense to me. It doesn't alter the amount of light in a 24 hour period one iota (nothing can). So you have light earlier in the morning, so what? You have darkness earlier at night, then.

I don't get it.

Amy said...

Awesome! It's ok to be a nerd- I'm one too :) Enjoy your trip!


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