Silly Scarf

I wore my silly scarf today- the one I picked up at a Goodwill in high school, that is striped lengthwise navy blue, maroon, and neon green. I remember buying it and thinking, who puts these colors together? It was irresistible, really. The muted, normal colors broken by the bright, bright stripes. I wear it on days that I need to cheer up- days like this where the sky is solidly overcast and the snow is relentless and the cold doesn't want to let up.

Hey Jes, know of any North Carolina land for sale? I wouldn't need my scarf there!

I need to get a picture of this thing.


Anonymous said...

I have no scarf comments, but I do have a dog comment. Cute doggie! Kelley wants to come over and see him, and she has offered to dog-sit anytime. :)

Anonymous said...
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