Adventures never cease

Last night, we did everything right. We turned on the heat tape for the pipes. We left all the sinks dripping. We even put the space heater in a bathroom to keep the pipes toasty... Did it work?

The hot water pipes to the bathtub were frozen this morning, of course, just in time for me to want a shower. That was rectified fairly quickly (and I got a shower in the other, unfozen bathroom). We went to set up everything for tonight- dripping faucets, strategically-placed heater, etc- and the bathtub drain was frozen. Again. Josh is still working on that one.

Did I mention it's cold here? Wind chills of -7 today, -14 tonight. Brr. Thanks to the high winds, the neighbor's trash can blew over, and we were outside for a few frozen minutes trying to clean up our yard for the guests that were coming over for the first time tonight.

It's interesting- in an apartment, we only had fractional ownership of problems that came up around the house. If something was wrong, we may see if we could live with it, or half-heartedly fix it, then hand off the problem to someone else- the landlord. Now it's all ours. I'm OK with that, though- like I've said, it's an adventure.

Adventures never cease.

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Amy said...

Homeownership is really challenging! We liked having a landlord to fix things a lot better :)

I think you are in Indiana too- we have been freezing our butts off here. I am avoiding going outside as much as possible, but school is canceled today so I will have to venture out in the cold. brrrrrr


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