Causes Close to Home

I got an email from my sister-in-law this morning about a music group, Five for Fighting, who is donating $0.49 to autism research for every view of the video on their website. More details about the campaign here. She requested we go watch the video.

This may seem like a really random request, but the cause is very close to home. My sister-in-law's son (my oldest nephew) Mason has Asperger's Syndrome, a mild autism spectrum disorder. Mason is very bright and one of the most loving kids I've met. He has great communication skills, is a great reader, and even plays team sports. At our wedding, he melted our hearts during open-mic time wishing us well and telling us he loved us- and he was only 5! His 7th birthday is this week, and a great way to celebrate would be to go watch the video, and, for those of you on Facebook, go join the event & leave a comment for my sister-in-law in support of the job they're doing raising Mason & his brother- because they have faced a lot of challenges, and met them head on, with optimism and determination.

As for me, I care deeply about helping people with disabilities- I gave up my study hall for two years in high school to help with the Adaptive PE class for kids with a whole range of disabilities, from just being confined to a wheelchair to severe autism or cerebral palsy. Now, I'm thankful for that experience and training I got in that class, so I can better relate to my nephew, as well as volunteer in the Special Friends Sunday school class at church.

Can't wait for the birthday party Sunday for our Binary Kid (he was born 1/10/01)!!


Lisa said...

Very neat. I did not know this about you.

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I remember him talking at your wedding. :-) He was so cute! He seemed so surprised when he took the mic and then everyone was staring at him! But he recovered and was adorable!


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