More Nephew Bragging

Last night, Josh's parents, his brothers, and their families were all over at our house for a family gift exchange. It was a blast, and the 4 nephews really enjoyed playing together in our "toy room".

Later in the evening, to slow down the ever-moving kids, I set them all up with crayons and paper and they drew pictures for a while. Even the littlest, at 19 months, sat on my lap and scribbled. My almost-7-year-old nephew drew a dog- he loves dogs- and colored it yellow and blue. It was a pretty normal dog for a six year old to draw. I didn't blink an eye. Then he drew a sun above the dog, towards the right corner. Still, pretty normal. In the middle of the sky, he drew a rainbow. He started with a red stripe at the top of the arc, then looked for an orange crayon, then yellow, then green... and proceeded to make a perfect ROY G BIV rainbow. I didn't say anything, but was very impressed that he did this without seemingly a thought. What first grader memorizes the order of the colors of the rainbow?

What did he draw next? The sun to the right of the sky, the rainbow in the middle- of course, he drew rain clouds and big raindrops in the left of the sky. He said he was drawing the rainclouds because rainbows only appear between sun and rain. I agreed. His meteorology-major uncle was duly impressed.

Then my nephew got back to "normal" coloring for a six year old, and made grass under the dog and a bird and a snail in the grass. All in all, a very colorful picture- that showed a lot more thought than the typical scribble.

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