Meet Winter

We got 4 inches on snow last Tuesday, another 3 inches a couple days later, and rain that made pretty little icicles over the weekend. I snapped some "first snow at the new house" pictures around the yard Tuesday.

Oh, and the less-fun part of snow? We managed to get my car stuck in our own driveway on the way to a Christmas party Friday night. We only made it there on time because we left it stuck and took the other car to the party. My amazing husband managed to get it out when we got home, but there are tell-tale mud marks where the tires were spinning.

On a completely different note, I was a huge slacker this weekend and didn't blog at all, and forgot to mention adjustable beds. I spent lots of time sleeping in the run-of-the-mill bed instead. I like naps on dreary winter days, what can I say?

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ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Ha! It was 78 degrees here yesterday.

Larissa said...

I really like your photos!


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