Almost Christmas!

Stupid shortest day of the year. It's not 5 yet- I'm still at work- and its getting dark and foggy outside. Maybe that's why the holidays feel busy- the days are shorter, so we have less time to do things ;-)

On that note, I've knocked out much of my to-do list, and I'm feeling a lot better.
  • Tuesday, we finished our family Christmas shopping.
  • Wednesday, I cleaned up the kitchen some from Monday, and we had my sister's birthday party. Pictures forthcoming.
  • Thursday we finished grocery shopping for the various dinners that will happen at our house over the next 5 days, as well as wrapped most the presents.
  • Tonight I shall finish knitting a scarf, finish present-shopping for my beloved, and clean the house a bit.
  • Tomorrow, cookie-baking is the goal. It shall be messy.
  • Sunday, I'll work on fixing dinner for the 11 delightful members of our family that will visit. Gifts will be opened Much merriment will be had. We're not expecting to see any American Girl Dolls decked out in equestrian riding apparel- the four nephews will end up with Spidrman stuff aplenty, though.
  • Monday, I'll be at work, then the annual joyous family Christmas party.
  • Tuesday- Merry Christmas! I'm excited to celebrate with just my husband in the morning, then welcome our parents and a couple siblings to eat with us & celebrate during dinner

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