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I'm passionate about lots of things. I love to share interesting articles and blog posts with all of my friends and family. Emailing all of them- or trying to post every link on this blog, with an explanation of why it is so great- would be inefficient and probably annoying. Seriously, I think I need to check out drug rehabs for information-overload-treatment, I'm that addicted to reading news.

My solution? I "star" my friends' posts that I want to highlight in Google Reader. For news stories that I want to share, I add the label "newstoshare", and do the same for Geeky stories & Frugal tips, in their own sharing categories. For each of those categories to share, I have the fun widgets on my sidebar. If you're wondering what I'm reading & finding interesting, it's all there.

For Internet Explorer users, I apologize for my sidebar. While setting up my blog design, I didn't even THINK of opening it in IE, since I loathe the browser, and now I loathe it more, because it refuses to display my blog as well as Firefox.

RSS readers, you probably never knew what you were missing out on.

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Jen @ JenuineJen said...

Thanks for the tip! I have not used the stars yet in my google reader.


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