Thoughts on my commute

In the midst of the sleet on the way home, and $3.15/gallon gas, I can be thankful I have a car that is reliable and warm.

While Josh is battling bronchitis, I can be thankful we have health insurance and an FSA and that his prescription was free at Meijer.

When I swing by Kroger on the way home and a gallon of milk is almost as expensive as a gallon of gas, I can be thankful that the grocery store is so convenient, and grocery prices here aren't as bad as other places in the country.

When I get home from work later than planned, I can be thankful that my husband fixes a delicious dinner on his own for us- one less thing for me to worry about when I get there.

There's certainly more. It's good to recite little things to be thankful for every now and then, don't you think?


ChuckL said...

Don't tell your Mom about the "my husband fixes a delicious dinner on his own for us" part...OK!!

You really are blessed and your commute time is a good, quiet time to count those blessing daily...including the blessing of not having a long commute!

Anonymous said...

Cute house, cute couple, cute everything! Thanks for letting us stop by - think of us every time you use your new goodies!

Love, Mary and Kels

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

You have expensive gas and cheap milk. :-) My milk is over a dollar more than a gallon of gas.


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