Meet & Greet Monday: Kevin!

My nephew Kevin turned FIVE last Thursday. What a big kid! His birthday party was yesterday, but in the midst of 4-foot stacks of boxes, I haven't transferred the pictures off the camera yet. Instead, here's a fun slideshow full of Kevin-ness! I post this to be fair- I did one for his brother a month ago.

Meet more friends and family of other bloggers over at my friend Beth's blog!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joanna :)
Our baby is all "growed" up!
-H,M,K, and K-K.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Nice! I liked being able to watch him grow. That's a neat idea!

Isn't it amazing that we don't even realize that they've grown until we go back and see pictures of what they used to look like? When I was searching for that picture of Olivia in the Yoda outfit, I couldn't believe how young and different she looked just a year ago! Her hair was so much shorter, too!


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