Little joys today

This morning, outside our living room windows, I saw blue jays and a cardinal, among other birds. They made me smile.

While unpacking (we worked hard today and are practically done!), Josh put my dog figurine collection on its shelf. I looked at the shelf and realized that the smallest of the figurines were missing, and searched high and low for the small box that held the last 10 or so figures. I found them and placed them just so, then took one more look at the shelf. There was still one figurine missing. I could spot this, even though the other 47 figurines were on the shelf. Josh had no way of knowing, since it wasn't his collection. The experience reminded me of John 10, which we discussed in bible study a few weeks back, and the parable of the lost sheep. I searched for the one small ceramic figurine very carefully through the crumbled newspaper that had come out of the boxes, so I'd be sure not to break it when I found it. When I did find it, I was delighted and placed it in its exact place. I stepped back and scanned the shelves- my "flock" was complete.

We went to church tonight. Today was a Sabbath, really. We rested. We played a game together. We worshiped. We shared meals. It was a good day. Look for a summary of the service tomorrow as part of Sunday Ponderings.

Speaking of the game we played... I won Trivial Pursuit against Josh for possibly the first time ever. Hooray.

My sister & her fiance have both accepted excellent jobs in Chicago for after they graduate and get married. Things are falling into place for them much sooner than they did for us, and I'm excited for the adventure they will share. Perhaps we will be able to go up and visit them? It has been suggested we see a show- specifically, Wicked tickets were recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Wicked is by far the best show out there right now. I'd see it again. Just don't get stuck with a box seat because your view is blocked a lot.


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