What my husband's been up to

I don't write much about Josh. I mean, I write about when we do things together, but not much else (and he probably prefers it that way. Well, I just downloaded the latest batch of pictures off my camera and realized they're all Josh-related. Here we go:

The only new piece of furniture we're buying for the new house (so far) is this chest for the foyer. Hopefully it will serve as a bench as well as storage. Josh assembled it very skillfully, and I like it very much.

Josh got a present in the mail! Well, maybe not a 'present'- it was something he bought on Ebay. He was SO excited to open it.

And what was it? You'll never guess. Ha! That will be a fun contest. What's in the box? I'll post the answer tomorrow.

Moving on...

Here, Josh is writing our last rent check, ever. It's really mind boggling to think that. And, I suppose I can't say 'ever' with certainty, but, a very long time, at the very least. And the first mortgage payment? Due December 1st. Check out the Indy Star article about first time homebuyers in the area. We are helping bring that average-first-time-homebuyer age down for the area!

Josh got a new denim shirt, courtesy of Clothing4All.com. He says it is thick and warm, so he'll be able to wear it when it gets cooler out. It sure feels durable! I expect that he'll wear it to work this winter, and it will be perfect. The website has lots of other clothing products, and low shipping and handling. And the shirt looks good on him, don't you think? Especially with the hat? What a handsome guy.

Last night, we had one of Josh's favorite meals- Country fried steak. I had never made it before, so it was an experiment- mostly successful. I didn't follow directions very closely on the gravy, so it could have been better, and I decided that, to properly make it, I probably need a meat tenderizer. The rolling pin can only get the steaks so flat.

And the REAL excitement yesterday: Stormchasing!
Stormchase 10-07

I got the best lightning shots I've ever captured, although we never did catch up to the storm. Fall storms are fast moving, Josh says. Check out the whole album.



Matt said...

Hmm... what's in the box...

Something off eBay. Smaller than a loaf of bread. Bought by a frugal guy who likes storms. And he's excited about it.

I'm going to guess a taser.

Matt Wissman said...

Could it be Star Trek TNG season (5||6||7)?

Matt said...

I'll guess an Atari or something similar.


Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

Hehe, I know what it is....


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