Where I'm From

I am from the neighborhood park,
from Scrabble
and basketball goals.

I am from the little house with the willow tree, without air-conditioning and the wall with a big window on the lanai (so clear that birds didn't know it was there)

I am from the plumeria tree with poisonous milk,
the dogwood tree with the perfect reading spot,
the sunflower covered in ants

I am from going to Nanny's house on Easter and taking a nap so the Easter bunny would come
and southern accents,
from Laviana and Peggy and Jimmy.

I am from the always-on-time and the precise-and-accurate.

From "On a hill far away stands an old rugged cross" and "Finish well.".

I am from prominent baptismals and hymnals,
from Christmas Cantatas and youth retreats,
from The Four Spiritual Laws and concert festivals.

I'm from suburban Atlanta, sweet tea, and spam musubi, and climbing the wall to pick lychee from the neighbor's tree.

From the time Caroline toppled a weight machine on her ankle at The Sports Authority, the back room they took us in to get ice & make sure we wouldn't sue,
and the family calendar, meticulously kept by my mother, on the desk in the kitchen.
From Saturday morning breakfasts, bagels and Burger King.

I am from the albums in the basement full of pictures, the framed ballet portraits, the case of basketball trophies. From the yearbooks and class photos, the one blond head in the sea of shiny dark hair. From Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, and sometimes it feels like all points in-between.

This poem isn't my doing- it's based on Where I'm From by George Ella Lyons and the template (Mad Lib?) to create your own. Try it yourself! I'd love to see what you guys come up with!


Anonymous said...

All those experiences and more have made you what you are: a gentle, inquisitive, loving individual. Continue to walk the path God gives you.
Love, Mom

Matt said...

I was disappointed that they didn't actually do it Mad-Lib style, with boxes to fill in before you can see the end result. I tried to do it that way without looking ahead or reading between the blanks, but it just wasn't working.

If I can't make a funny one, maybe I'll come back and make a serious one later.

Caroline elise said...

Loved It!! secretly almost made me tear up!!


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