Robots Among Us

I was going to do this as a Wordless Wednesday post, then realized there were lots of words I wanted to say about these guys, so I didn't.

The wise Strongbad once said "Robots are technology shaped like square people. They are primarily used for destroying Japan and serving hors d'Ĺ“uvres."

These robots on my coffeetable do neither of those things. They were a 16th birthday present from my dear friends, and my husband has found them in our closet and has dubbed them the Best Toys Ever. The red and blue robots are controlled with simple remote controls, and each have little "laser guns" to shoot at the other robot. Each robot has a sensor, and when it gets a hit, it spins around 180 degrees and loses one 'hit'- when one robot loses 4 hits, it 'dies'. To reset the robots, the players hit the button on the top of the robots' head, and the robots get all their hits back and say their name- "I'm Chaos" or "I'm Deedaydler". Yeah, the second name? I've never been able to understand what it's saying. And there is NO WHERE on the internet I can find these things, not even Ebay. The robot's name will continue to be a mystery.

I thought about making up a really good story about robots with plasma cutting lasers attacking us in our apartment, and us fending them off and saving the world from their invasion. But I guess I'm just not creative enough for that. The robots aren't from outer space, they're from Radio Shack.


James Kubecki said...

Joanna, don't be afraid of being attacked by robots. They only attack old people.

Brett said...


I'll tell you, I tried to find these bots on a number of the various retro toys sites I frequent. I got nothin'.

I wonder it maybe the second robot is really saying "I'm Dawdling!" You know, the classic battle between anarchy and laziness.

Joanna said...

They're not SO retro. I mean, we're talking MY 16th birthday- these were purchased in 1999. The only clue I have: they were manufactured by Tandy, for Radio Shack.

So, if I brought these in for a lunch time laser-tag-on-the-break-room-table game, who's up for it?

Anonymous said...

Joanna, I have a random question for you. Sorry:) Do you know what the criteria are for payu2blog? I applied with my blog but never heard back from them. I would be willing to change my blog somewhat to make it more "attractive" to them, if only I knew what they were looking for. Any ideas?! :)



Matt said...

Joanna - I googled "deedaydler" and got a hit, so that probably is the real name.

Char - I filled out the info at PayU2Blog but left my phone number blank (I never give that out online), and never heard from them. I filled it out again a couple weeks later and included all the information they asked for, and heard from them within a week. So they may be automatically throwing out all applications that are not 100% complete. That may or may not be relevant to you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Matt - what a helpeful guy, thanks! I had also opted out of leaving my phone number, so I tried it again (as per your suggestion). Thanks! (Sorry Joanna for going so off-topic).



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