Time is Money?

Thought for today, pointed out during church:

We use economic terms to describe time.

We spend time on hobbies, we invest time in relationships, we take shortcuts to buy time, we value time with loved ones. This is something I never noticed before but found interesting. Time really is money, at least in our language. Spending your savings on diamond rings is using the same word as spending your day at the park. English is funny. Or is it our attitude?

Another interesting point is that the technology we use (cell phones, email) democratizes time, and makes it all the same. We are reachable, whether we are at work or not, whether we are nearby or on the other side of the globe, regardless of the importance of what we're doing. At all times, we are "on". This discussion was had in the context of Sabbath- is there a time that should be sacred? Is there time that ought to to be set aside and different than the typical day-to-day? Is there a time we should turn "off" to rest?

I should blog about this in the context of the message, but I'll surely do that later. Until then, these are random sidenotes that caught my attention.


Stephanie said...

I think we do need a time to rest. It doesn't have to be on Sunday in my opinion, but we do need to make time for rest.

Larissa said...

I definitely think we need to set time aside. Honestly, there are times I don't take my phone when I leave the house but those times are pretty much just when I go on dates with Daniel. In those situations, we make sure that at least one of us has a phone on us so that if there is an emergency, our families can get a hold of us but if only one of us takes a phone, the odds are lowered that someone will call us on our date. That's just one example of how I try to not let my cell phone take over my life.


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