Typos in my blog posts annoy me, but they happen all the time, and I only sometimes go back and fix them. I don't like editing old posts, to keep the integrity of the blog (what one reader is reading in commenting on is what everyone sees, it's rule #4) ...But they definitely annoy me.

That said:
WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THERE WAS A TYPO IN MY HEADER FOR SO LONG?!? My father-in-law mentioned it yesterday, and now I am terribly embarrassed. To add to it, I lost in Scrabble to an eleven-year-old. I'm slipping, folks.

The typo is fixed, thanks to my Paintbrush skills. And, please, don't start pointing out every typo. I know they're there- spare me the embarrassment.


ashley@twentysixcats said...

Hehe I didn't even notice. It does bug me that the sentence in your header ends with the word "to", but I know it's a quote from a book so you can't do anything about that. ;-)

I will go back and fix typos in old blog posts, if I notice them. I'm always embarrassed if they're really obvious. :-)

Melissa said...

I didn't notice! What was the typo?

I often fix typos later if I find them, but the problem with it (at least with certain blog software) is it puts it in the RSS feed again.

Recently a couple of your posts (Jo) showed up again and on a couple I was like "I've seen this before.." or it was just completely in the wrong context which tipped me off that it had just been an old post that was updated.

Joanna said...

The typo was in my old banner. I (obviously) didn't see the error either.

And I updated a couple old posts a couple months ago- one because of a typo, and one removing a link. I didn't realize they'd re-post in the RSS feeds, and I confused a few readers. Another reason I don't do that anymore.

Anonymous said...

Sad. I didn't notice and I was even an English major! I had to reread it several times.


Matt said...

I still can't find the typo on your heading. I swear as spell and grammar checking software gets better, I get lazier. I wouldn't worry about losing in Scrabble, from what I hear she had a lot of good help and there is still some luck involved!


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