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Last night at the mall, before a movie at a nearby theater, I went to the Apple store & Josh & some friends. I got to touch an iPhone. I got to try it out at play with it- the pinchy-thing to zoom in & out of Google Maps, the album-flipping feature, the flick-of-a-finger photo scrolling, the camera.... all just as cool as the commercials make it out to be, and as easy to use.

I'm not a die-hard Apple fanatic like some, but I do appreciate their attention to detail and usability. I hope this thing takes off, because it deserves to.

And the movie? Transformers. There were funny moments, and I laughed. After that, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." So I won't.


Matt said...

Regarding the iPhone, it's great to see good ideas implemented. I'm happy to think that if I ever get another cell phone, it will be influenced by one or more features of this product, and probably cheaper.

Regarding Transformers... I can think of some good things to say, and I don't think constructive criticism is always uncalled for. The special effects were quite cool. I felt like a kid again watching Optimus Prime and Megatron fight.

I wish the kid feeling hadn't been ruined by the camera oggling a teenage girl half the movie. But it's 2007... I didn't really expect anything more decent on that front.

The movie was not more than meets the eye. But the transformers were really cool looking.

Joanna said...

The three guys I went to the movie with all had watched Transformers as a kid, so understood the backstory and had sentimental attachments to the show and all enjoyed the movie. One friend of my husband's has actually already seen it twice, because he was so excited about it. I didn't have the "happy childhood memories" of Transformers, so that aspect of the movie was lost to me.

And it's funny you mentioned the teenage girl... thats' what ruined the movie for me. I hate the 'ditzy, shallow, helpless, objectified woman' as a character in any movie, and to have her as a main character (rather than just a side interest to the hero) makes it worse. I ranted to Josh about this afterwards. It really bothered me.

There's more that I could say to that point, but I'm going to stop. I suppose I didn't hate the movie, I just have no interest in seeing it again. Reading a couple movie reviews going into it that didn't like it set my expectations low, so it met them.

Matt said...

Yeah. I actually groaned out loud when he used "more than meets the eye" to describe his opinion of the girl. But the part that really took the value out of her character was that what meets the eye was so unrealistic to begin with. The message that this kind of character sends to boys is "go after the most beautiful-looking girl, and if she also turns out to be a decent person, that's like icing on the cake." What a lesson.

We're also planning to go see the new Harry Potter movie (and of course read the new book) later this summer. The Hermione/Ron relationship there is so much better. Find someone who is decent and stands behind things, and learn to care about them. If they become more attractive to you outwardly along the way, then that is icing on the cake. Not the other way around.


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