I mentioned a while back how much I liked my workplace. Well, not much has changed, and a year later I'm still enjoying myself. One of the primary things I like about the office is the desk setup, and there have been rumors that new office furniture is on the horizon. I know the news has to be more than rumors- we're out of desks, and the next person hired will have to share with someone until a new solution is found. My favorite thing about the current setup is all the natural light that comes into the room (and the fact that I'm facing one of the walls of windows, so I can see outside!) I'm hoping the new setup will continue to take advantage of the windows.

High ceilings? Natural light? Free soda? What makes a good work environment for you?


Matt said...

I was surprised to discover that I hadn't remarked on this in the original post. But I probably wasn't aware of your blog at that point.

You mentioned in your original post:
Nice people - No one that I have found is chronically grumpy or even unapproachable. Everyone seems to communicate well.

This is also an important element for me, but I'd say it also needs to come with an environment that promotes collaboration and cooperation. People who are willing and able to assist each other in getting the job done lend to the morale and sense of satisfaction of the daily grind.

Ironically, I've found that I may be more inhibited from engaging in conversation if the workplace is too open and spacious. I tend to get self-conscious about bothering others to the point of not speaking unless I really have to. Thank goodness for instant messaging to balance that out. A little privacy is a good catalyst for impromptu discussions about work, the universe, and everything.

Free soda is nice, but if I had to pay for it I might drink it in healthier doses. :)

Brett said...

For the most part, I enjoy our work environment. There are times when I miss having some privacy but I'm glad we've got various rooms we can use for phone calls/meetings/etc. I do, however, like the openness of our office when something funny or embarrassing happens.

Otherwise, I'm a firm believer that the people really make the workplace. There have been a number of places that I've been where the spirit of collaboration was replaced with finger-pointing and competition. That's not healthy for the people or the office.

The Mommy said...

I should be in bed, but I couldn't resist this:

What makes a good work environment for me? Napping children. :-D

ashley@twentysixcats said...

Natural light and windows really make a difference to me. I love being able to look out the window at my new office. High ceilings make a difference too - they've done studies that say that high ceilings help with creativity. We don't have free soda, but I would love it if we had a soda machine or something like that! It's probably bad for me. ;-) We used to get donuts and bagels at our bi-weekly staff meetings, but we don't have those meetings anymore and consequently no donuts. :-(

I think having an open office is good. We moved to "studios" at this place, and while it is less private, I don't feel so cut off from the people around me.

The people do make the workplace. We have struggled with turnover the whole time I've been here, and I think that has affected the morale of the people who stay. I generally get along with (almost) all my coworkers. We have some issues with one of our bosses, which I personally think is one of the reasons for the high turnover. But I'm going to stop there. :-)


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