Our Day for Dads

Sunday was Father's day, and, to celebrate the event, my parents had us and my sister's fiance's family over for dinner. I brought cookies and macaroni and cheese, my sister made a 0huge chocolate chip cookie and we all had a great time. Caroline & my mom set the table with colorful flowers and quotes about fathers before the guests arrived. After dinner and before games, the fathers could (predictably) we found watching the US Open on TV (OK, I admit, I was there too! I always root for Tiger.) After golf was over, a rousing game of Mad Gab began. Caroline tried her hardest to keep score, but it was a close game. Having the family together was priceless, especially since the engaged couple will be leaving for Europe next weekend (and my parents for Georgia!)

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dianne said...

I loved your pictures. Thanks for the cookies and the mac'n' cheese.
luv, mom

mom said...

I need your mac'n' cheese recipe please when you have time. It was delicious. Love, mom


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