Low Impact Week Reflections

Yesterday was the end of Low Impact Week. Overall, I didn't make too many changes to my routine, but I was more mindful of the changes- does that make sense? For example, I turn off my computer or lights when I'm not using them when I think of it, but this week I did it all the time- I thought of it all the time. I was walking to work when I thought it was convenient, and this week I did it every day, realizing it wasn't SO inconvenient any day. I expect to keep up these practices, as this week has shown me they can be 'normal'.

And that's the point, isn't it? To shrink our 'carbon footprint'? To change our lifestyle such that we impact the earth a little bit less and care for creation a little bit more? Long term, one week won't make a difference. One person treading lightly for a lifetime might not even dent the problem. If the earth-saving things can become 'normal', however, and everyone understands what can be done to help, progress can be made. If my neighbors see that it's not that big of a deal to walk a mile to work, or grow some food in my garden, or keep a canvas bag by the door for grocery-store runs, they can be impacted and perhaps change their lifestyle too. Systemic changes need to be made, yes. Laws need to change. But I do what I can- I do what is in front of me.

I feel somewhat of a hypocrite writing about this, because I know people much 'greener' than myself, but I'm learning. Hopefully I'll get to a place I'm comfortable with someday. Hopefully others will come along with me.


KMH said...

I have been participating in Low Impact Week too. It is nice to see another person whose motivation is caring for our Father's world.


Matt said...

You shouldn't feel like a hypocrite. Everyone has to start somewhere. I get frustrated with parts of our lifestyle, too. And not to say that we're anywhere near the pinnacle of "green"ness, but we've gotten into our current habits over the course of 7 years, making very small changes almost every time. With almost everything, we started buying some local stuff, and it just grew. It's almost like an addiction. :)

-- Mr. B.


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