What mothers don't see

Mothers see everything.
They even claim to have eyes in the back of their head.

They see
...the skinned knee
...the scribbled picture
...the unmade bed
...the first steps.
...an elbow on the table
...an untied shoelace
...a dirty face
...a mischievous smile

They hear
...siblings fighting from across the house
...a newborn's cry in the middle of the night
...a teenager's sobbing behind a closed bedroom door
...baby's first words
...the crash of the living room lamp
...the proud accomplishment in "Mommy, Mommy, LOOK, Mommy!"

What don't they see?
What can't they hear?

They don't see their legacy
They don't hear the 'praise at the city gates'
They overlook the beauty that their love creates
They'll never realize the special place they hold in their children's hearts
They can't listen to their own voice inside their children's heads, guiding the kids for life


Mother's Day was lots of fun. I got to spend time with my mom as well as my mom-in-law and it was a blast. They are both amazing women. Pictures to come.


Take special not of the fabulous pictures of the lovely ladies of my family, the especially heartwarming picture of a grandma by her grandson, and the silly nephew who likes grandma's house because he gets to lick the spoon while brownies are being made. Doesn't everyone?


Anonymous said...

And what daughters don't see is the great blessing they are to their Moms...signed...your blessed Dad

mom said...

Thank you for the encouraging message. You are God's treasure and I do enjoy being your Mom. Love u very much. Mom


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