Low Impact Week

I've mentioned before the importance and responsibility I feel to care for the earth. The God's Politics blog points today at a piece that argues for the same thing.
The next week has been declared Low Impact Week by concerned bloggers, and ideas have been offered for ways to participate. Here's what I'll try to do:

1. Reduce energy consumption -
  • use the air dry on my dishwasher instead of heat dry

  • Turn off my computer at work when I leave for the day

2. Reduce water usage -
  • turn off the water when I'm brushing my teeth

  • be aware of water usage when at the kitchen sink - turn it off in between tasks

3. Change your food habits -
  • visit a farmer's market Saturday & knock a couple things off my grocery list

  • use cloth bags at the grocery store instead of getting paper or plastic

4. Reduce your dependence on paper products -
  • print out only what is necessary

  • don't use paper towels; when you can, use cloth napkins or towels instead

5. Reduce your garbage output -
  • be aware of using leftovers, rather than throwing them out (or forgetting them in the fridge...)
  • look for items to donate or post of Freecycle

6. Reduce Single Occupancy Vehicle usage -
  • bike or walk to work every day

  • combine trips when going out to run errands

7. Do something that lasts more than a week -
  • replace light bulbs with a Compact Fluorescent light bulb as needed

  • take your name off of junk mail and mailing lists for catalogs you don't want

What can you do to lower your impact on the Earth?


Joanna said...

I can already check one off the list, and the week hasn't started yet! I went here and took myself off the mailing list of one of the most useless mailings I get. The envelope thick with coupons, mostly for house-things like roofs and blinds and shelving, gets thrown away every time I get it. Hopefully it will stop coming, and that little bit of waste will be avoided.

ashley@twentysixcats said...

Ooh what a great list!

We never had paper towels growing up. I've found that cloth rags and towels do just as great a job. (Unless, of course, you have a puppy.)

I'll have to think about it and come back with some things we will do next week.


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