Bike to Work Week Wednesday

Today I rode my bike to work, as promised. I saw two gaggles of geese, and steered clear. Those geese can be mean. I saw a lone egg sitting on the grass near the sidewalk. It had been abandoned by its parents- perhaps only temporarily. Indiana has a new law allowing people to get a permit to destroy goose eggs. I wondered about the fate of this lonely egg. I wanted to take it and incubate it and see it hatch and treat it as I might a middle-school science experiment, but I didn't. I left it to let nature run its course. Besides, I have herbs growing at my desk at work, I'm not sure a goose chick would be allowed to grow here too.

Check out Frugal For Life for more reasons to ride your bike to work.

Unrelated question to think about today: How would the US, the political landscape, and Christianity be different if Jerry Falwell had taken the offer from the St Louis Cardinals to play baseball for them over 50 years ago? How would baseball be different?


Matt said...

Oh! We could have raised the goose to be on our side. Perhaps we could have given it the love and attention that geese apparently need in order to not turn mean (and are somehow not getting from the flock).

Or, if it turned mean anyway, we'd have a mean goose that could hiss and flap at pedestrians at our command! Mu-hahaha!

Joanna said...

It would have been cool. I still know where the egg is, if you want to grab it.

The downside: goose poop all over the office. Having it all over the parking lot right now is bad enough.

Brett said...

I'm all for raising an office goose. We clearly need some kind of goose liaison around here.

No doubt much of the animosity between our office workers and the geese could be eliminated if we could only come together for some kind of goose-techie summit. Having a goose "on our side" would be a step in the right direction.

The downside would be that, at some point, the geese would demand we hand over one of our children to be raised by waterfowl.


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